Four month old FBRN foster dog Piglet, with his good friend, Stone...

These are the dogs that I have fostered since the advent of the digital camera!
I've learned something new from every one of them, and from the many
dogs that came before them...

Private Rescue Foster Dogs
Jack, American Bulldog, with Porkchop
Sammy, with his new owners
Tigger, a victim of OCD
Jazz, an Olde English Bulldogge
Otis, turned over by the MSPCA
Kirby from Missouri, looking for a better gig...
Pelle, Pug mix, turned over by the MSPCA
Coconut, the Chihuahua-alligator cross...
Sushi, six year old Pug...
Charlie, three year old Pug...
Brucie, five year old Pug...
Sophie, 4 year old Pug... sister of
... Franky, 4 year old Pug...
Sammy, 13 year old blind Pug...
Boogie, 3 year old Pug... not a rescue, but a
friend who stayed for a year before moving to
permanent digs in California!
Tonka, 12 year old Pug...
Wheezy, 12 year old Pug...

Other Rescues, Foster Dogs
My heartbreaker, Cujo, FBDCA Rescue
euthanized for aggression
Pinky, FBDCA Rescue
Ancient Frenchie/Bulldog mix, Sweety Pie,
FBDCA Rescue
Ginger, of the Connecticut Three, FBDCA Rescue
Otis, of the Connecticut Three, FBDCA Rescue
Mister, BCAConnecticut Bulldog Rescue
Nellie, BCAConnecticut Bulldog Rescue
Charlie, 3 years old, Boston Terrier,
New Beginnings Dog Rescue...
Pierce, 18 months old, Chihuahua,
New Beginnings Dog Rescue...
Cubby, 10 years old, blind Pug,
New Beginnings Dog Rescue...

FB Last Chance Foster Dogs
Mi Sun, 3 years old transport from Korea...
Margo, 3 years old... euthanized for aggression
Chino, five years old, problem child...
Bub, three years old, free spirit!

FBVillage Foster Dogs
Annie,1 year old Hungarian import...
Reggie, 2 years old... euthanized for aggression
Desmond, a 2 year old problem child...
Rocket, 10 months old...
Charlotte, 8 years old... deceased
Chubby, 2 years old.. . euthanized for aggression
LouLou, 11 years old.. . blind... deceased
Fergie, 5 years old
Huck, 18 months old,
Bulldog/French Bulldog mix
Luna, 4 years old...
Genie, 3 years old
Bree, 2 years old
Lunachik, 2 years old...
Porkchop 3 months old... deceased

FBRN Foster Dogs
Cloey, with her big green dumbbell
Winston James
Silly, sweet Pummie, who suffered from epilepsy
A.J., who suffered from megaesophagus
Ruthie, who was both deaf and gravely ill
Five month old Circe, taken from a shelter
Two month old Poirot, a petshop pup
Bruno, deaf and a victim of OCD
Two month old Billie, deaf
Eleven year old Arianna, taken from a shelter
Eight month old Bagel
Piglet, eight weeks, one pound
Frosty, blind eight year old French Bulldog
Pearl, a Russian import
"Bad Boy" Nibbles!
Two month old Bogart, a petshop puppy...
Miss Piglet
Bocci, an 8 mo. Ukrainian import
Chess, aged 10, who came with...
...Kitt, aged 9
Gill, a 10 month old Ukrainian import
Baxter, aged 4, who came with...
Lola, aged 6 months
Winston, a 9 month old Ukrainian import
Tuggy, an 8 month old Ukrainian import
Tommy, aged 3
Kip, aged 4
Paris, aged 20 months
Meli, aged 10 months, puppy mill refugee
Sweet deaf Lily, aged one year
Beau, aged 13 weeks

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