After you make eye contact, the rest is easy!

Dog Trainer

That's a misnomer.  I actually train dog owners!

My clientele is primarily drawn from breeder
referrals, and my focus is on small dogs and the
extraordinary influence they have
over their owners.

Your dog CAN sleep in bed with you
AND still respect you in the morning!

All lessons are conducted on an individual basis.
Lessons are by appointment to fit your
schedule and mine.

I have put AKC Companion Dog titles on all six of the pure bred dogs that
I have owned, and a Companion Dog Excellent title on one of those dogs.  
My first dog was ranked #3 in obedience competition in his breed
nationwide in 1988.  

I have conducted seminars for my regional breed club on obedience,
and have written three well received obedience columns for national magazines,
for both my primary breeds and also for an allbreed magazine.  

I have trained other people's dogs privately since 1986, taught beginners'
obedience classes for the South Shore Dog Training Club and for the Pocksha
Canine Club. I have also provided rehabilitation for various rescue dogs
and have counseled owners on dealing with problem dogs.  

In 1999, as the obedience columnist for Dog & Kennel, I was invited by
Fox News Channel in NYC to host a segment on handling
dominant dogs for Pet News.  

I have been active in several dog clubs since 1985 - Yankee Pug Dog Club,
 where I served on the board and as obedience chair, Pug Dog Club of America,
French Bulldog Club of America (where I served as national rescue co-chair and as
obedience chair at the 2000 national specialty), South Shore Dog Training
Club (where I served on the board and volunteered as a trainer), and
Pocksha Canine Club (where I conducted obedience classes).

I have judged pre-novice and novice obedience competitions at
both sanctioned and fun matches  for local area dog clubs,
both AKC and non-AKC affiliated, since 1990.

Three of my dogs were working therapy dogs, certified by Therapy dogs International,
logging over 100 visits at nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, children's hospitals,
Alzheimers facilities, and AIDS units.  

From 1/91 until 12/95, I was a Certified Evaluator for Therapy Dogs International,
and in that capacity, conducted Canine Good Citizen tests for local dog clubs and
lectured at clubs and senior citizens centers about pet visitation programs.  

I co-founded a therapy dog group, "The Biscuit Bunch", in 1988, and in 1995 was
featured, along with my three therapy dogs, in a WGBH-Boston television
special called "Dog's Best Friend", reflecting on my experiences in
animal-assisted therapy.   

Five of my six dogs were certified as AKC Canine Good Citizens.  I have conducted
multiple Canine Good Citizen tests for various dog clubs and rescue leagues, and
when AKC required that testers be certified by the AKC,  I was certified as a Canine
Good Citizen Evaluator in 1/02, and maintained that certification until 2009.

In 9/00 and again in 2004, I conducted Canine Good Citizen tests at the French Bulldog
Club of America's National Specialty, as part of the required educational program.

My cats don't listen to a word I say...

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