Midge, at the end of his days...

Sixteen years flashed by in an instant.  
Goodbye, Midgie...

Butch and Midge, May, 1986

Midge, March, 2001

Moses and little crippled Mercy, kittens together in November 2000...
Moses died shortly thereafter, and Mercy died in 2005.

Auggie, former street orphan, and then king of the garage  cats, died in 2006...

My beautiful little strident voiced Oriental Shorthair, Spider, died in 2008...

Maizey, one of the garage cats, died peacefully in her sleep in 2012...

My beloved Fortune, who was always happy to see me and who welcomed my attentions,
died on May 18, 2012.  Only in that last week of her life was I finally able to pick her up and
carry her into the house, where she  could become a house cat once again.

I euthanized my old black cat Reuben on October 4, 2012. He was 14 1/2. His health had been
failing for a while, and it was time. Not many people even knew I had him, he never came
out into the open for anyone but me. I adopted him from a local "cat lady" who captured him
for me from out of the woods near where she lived. She had been keeping him and his
family alive through the winter with daily infusions of hot soup, and she was delighted to
find a home for at least one of them. She and I became great friends until she died of
cancer several years after that.

I no longer have the pleasure of her company, and now I have said goodbye to the
most marvelous of her gifts to me...

I brought a small black kitten home for my puppy Stone when he could not stop grieving
over the death of his favorite cat Tinker.  Named the Rose after the famous flower in
"The Beauty and the Beast", the flower upon which the Beast's very life depended, the kitten
quickly captured the young dog's heart, and they were inseparable all during Stone's life.  

The Stone died in 2008.  On July 25, 2013, Rosie joined his best friend once again...

As insubstantial as dawn's mist,
first they are here and then they're gone.

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