Sept. 29th, 2001 - enjoying warm boards on a cool day...

Ch Happy Heart's Made to Order
03/28/90 - 01/10/02

Gracie arrived on my doorstep one windy April afternoon, with her bag of toys,
her blankets, and a note of introduction from her previous owner...  
she was eleven years old and starting a new life.    

She slipped into the daily routine of living with my crowded houseful of
dogs and cats as easily and gratefully as a turtle returning to water.  
During the day, she slept in Hammer's bed, graciously allowing
Hammer to serve as her canine pillow, and at night,
she slept on my bed  tucked between Stone's cat Rosie and
Porkchop, her chin blissfully buried in Pug fur...

She brought with her a body shrunken and wobbly from years of Prednisone,
bald legs and a blackened tummy covered with fatty tumors, eyes bleary with
cataracts, ears that either could not or would not listen, and a
five AM bladder even on weekends... but, strangely enough,
none of that seemed to matter at all.  The boys were
infatuated with her.   And so was I.   

Nine months later, completely blind, and almost completely deaf, she could still
"chase" a tennis ball if you were thoughtful enough to bump it against her
toes and hold off the younger, stronger dogs eager to play with that ball.  
She still appreciated a lap.  But her legs were gone - she could
no longer trust them to carry her across the room.  
And it was finally time to say good-bye.

Good-bye little happy heart.  Your mother named you well.  
May all your eternities be filled with sunshine and friendly faces...

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