Allow your dog to play in a dog-friendly garden

August 27, 2018 Tracon92 0 Comments

Many people have the hobby of gardening but whenever there is a dog in your house then you need to be fit careful about gardening. Starting from planting trees which are not harmful to creating clear barriers to the dogs, you need to know several factors in order to know How to plant a Dog-Friendly Garden.

Prepare the dog

You will have to train your dog in a proper way so that they can easily be controlled with the use of commands. So if you are training the puppies then it will take them six weeks and if you are training the old dogs then they can easily learn the new tricks with ease. Before you begin with the training session make sure to take the dog for a walk.

Plants which are dogs safe

Before you are buying plants for your garden or nursery make sure you are doing your homework properly. Always keep the plants which are not poisonous for the dogs and are healthy for them even if they are chewing it by mistake.

Border plants

Always design the garden with the sturdy plants that will work as the exterior or the border of the garden. It will be the natural fencing which will refrain the dogs from crossing the line. So this can be stated as a dog proof garden.

Large plants

Always start gardening with larger plans because the dogs won’t be able to easily damage them which they can do to the small plants.

No fence

Many people put the barriers to keep their dogs away from going outside the garden but not everyone can afford it as it is quite pricey. But you can invest in some affordable fencing and put a wire on the fence so that your dogs won’t be able to surpass them.

Used raised beds and containers

If you have a small space then you should opt for the container gardening because there are certain dogs that just can’t resist their digging habit. So the container gardening will allow you to keep the plants in the big container so that your dog won’t be able to harm them. If you are using the raised beds then you are actually demarcating the growing space from the play space. They are considered to be very effective when you are using barriers for preventing the dog from going outside the garden.

Strong smells

You can also create a particular place with plants that will grow spices and it will eventually keep the dogs at bay. You can put peels of oranges or coffee grounds to make the dogs stay away from that place. Moreover, the coffee grounds are also a great source of fertilizers.

This is an overview of how to plant a garden that will be dog-friendly. But make sure that your dog is having enough space to play around otherwise they will be uprooting the trees and you won’t be able to control them. Training them is equally important.

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